Our main heroine, everyone.

Give me a Series & I’ll tell you…

❤ Favorite Male:
❤ Favorite Female:
Favorite Pairing:
❤ Least Favorite Character:
❤ who’s most like me:
❤ most attractive:
❤ three more characters that I like:

(Source: askboxmemes)

[8:24:26 PM] Elliot: That feel when you first start a VN
[8:24:31 PM] Elliot: and can’t get into it
[8:24:35 PM] Elliot: I keep alt tabbing
[8:24:37 PM] Elliot: and I just…
[8:24:49 PM] Elliot: Once I get a half hour or so in I can read it fine
[8:25:04 PM] Kirei: Yeah
[8:25:42 PM] Kirei: I think it’s because you don’t know the characters so you’re in a “I couldn’t care less for you guys” mode haha

[8:26:20 PM] Elliot: once that twintail girl comes in
[8:26:51 PM] Kirei: She’s not um having much screentime

[8:27:36 PM] Elliot: Dropped, Uninstalled, Blacklisted

And done.

The fan disc was disappointing tbh. There were some cool things, but for the most part… bleh.

It’s here!

And by ‘it’, I mean Ayakashibito.

Time to finish up the last route of Dmmd’s fan disc and start this!

you clearly need more

I’m gonna make some of a few characters in my re-play once I get to Unlimited and such.